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CSI Junkie's Journal

Addicted, I know

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Bisexuality is Real. It's not a phase. It's not indecision. It's not fear of coming out "properly". It's not an attempt to be "trendy". It's not synonymous with promiscuity or polyamory. Get used to it.

Marriage is love.

Support love.

Yes, I do support gay rights. Yay me! ^-^

~There is no future, there is no past, I live this moment as my last.~

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Stolen from pearlbeachlady:
Be who you are. Whatever you bring to the table is something that people would not have had otherwise.

Dream, Laugh, Live. Always.

If you don't enjoy what you're doing, then stop doing it.
If you don't enjoy what you read, then write something better.
If you don't enjoy what you eat, then cook something new.
If you don't enjoy who you're around, stop being around them.
If you don't enjoy who you are, then change.
If you don't enjoy life then you've gone too far, because life is TOO SHORT to be unhappy all the time.

Smile. You never know who is falling in love with you.

“It is often better not to see an insult than to avenge it.” - Fortune from Cookie.

My Bio: (No shit, Sherlock.) Bio, bio, bio. I won't give you the full 17 years worth, just some curious points that I find interesting.

I live Australia, no we do not ride kangaroos. I've had OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, since I was 11 and I think I may suffer from depression. Let's rephrase that, I've been diagnosed with OCD and I'm entirely hesitant to go to another Psychologist or Psychiatrist and get myself diagnosed with something else. I don't need that right now and I can walk through this without medical aid, thank you very much.

I am in love with many people at the moment. Sometimes I think I sound like a very badly put together British cartoon, I really don't know why but it's an idea. I don't have a Steve Irwin accent and I believe he's one of the biggest idiots you may ever come across. Stupid feckin man, gives us all a bad name. Really, he does, truly and honestly, he does.

I like cats, I have six cats, two dogs and an axolotl. My dress sense is rather shameful, I don't have the need to buy clothes as often as my peers do, but when I do I buy something I like. My taste in clothes may be severely bizarre at the best of times, I like trench coats and gloves and I want to buy myself a suit one day. I'm not much for dresses and skirts, I like pants and shirts. While I have no intention in becoming one, no offense but I'm happy with my gender, I do like men's clothing, some of it at least. Very simple, no fuss stuff sometimes. I have a like for woman's clothing too, please, spare me on thinking me strange, some of it, when it isn't revealing stomach or breasts, is lovely. I like old clothing, you know, like hats from generations past and socks that are just way to geeky. But enough about that.

I believe in god, am Christian, am Anglican, whatever sense you can make out of that, please do go ahead. I am the only Sacristan in my year at school and while I am not entirely hopeful that I will become it, every day minimally increases the chances that I very well may become Head Sacristan my default. I like being a Sacristan, I may question god at times, but I pray and I believe all the same. Being a Sacristan, server, what have you, I find it relaxing. It's also fun to stare down at people from my chair and be able not to blame myself when they get told of at the end of chapel. See? I'm not all that good.

I swear, a lot, sometimes and sometimes very little swearing comes out of my mouth. I like words from different places, so to speak and I find feck a very good, useful and entertaining word. Don't try and piss me off because if pissed I will stuff prune muffins in your letterbox. It's a thing I do, what the hey.

Now my attention is waning and I think I have better things to do then just blabbing my love for ties and leather shoes all around the place. Friend me if you want because if you don't I most certainly might find you and friend you anyway.

Oh, by the way, incredibly huge fan of CSI, if anybody wants to make/donate Ecklie avatars, bring them to me and I will be very much grateful. Oh, I'm about to go talking again, bugger. Actors, actors, actors. I like David Thewlis, Tilda Swinton, David Caruso, High Jackman, Marc Vann, William Petersen, the list goes on. I adore the entire cast of CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Crossing Jordan, Stargate: Atlantis, Dead Like Me and Monk, both male and female. I have respect for them all.

Sometimes, I think I fall in love too easily. I'm a picture based person, I could direct you to a place by showing you, but not by telling you the street names. I like appearances and people intrigue me, so I'm very liking of people because the way they look interests me, plus they're cool as well, of course. At least, the ones that I speak to am.

I've been catching the bus since I was about 7, I like the bus, after a while you just get used to it and you learn, stuff. Attention span waning again. If you wish to differ, come differ, I can take an argument, if you want friendship/guidance/reassurance/a shoulder to cry on, I think I may very well be a suitable person for the whole. Trust me, I've had experience.

And that, pretty much, if all for now. Toodles all!